Since your last upgrade...

we've enhanced your C&S solution:

Still using an early version of Meeting Maker?

We've added must-have features that will make working with Meeting Maker easier and more efficient than before. Check out what you've been missing - then order Meeting Maker Version 6 today!

For Version 6

  • Java Client-Web browser access
  • Palm Synchronization for MacIntosh and Windows

For Version 5.5 (and higher)

  • HTML Publisher
  • LDAP Integration - Admin Side
  • Software Developer's Kit (Admin API)
  • Global Groups
  • TCP Driver
  • Win32 Server for Win95/WinNT4.0 Workstations
  • NT Single Sign-on
  • Export Contacts & To-Do Items
  • PC/Mac "Burn-Through" Notification
  • Option to Place CC/BCC on Your Calendar

For Versions 5.0 (and higher)

  • Banners
  • Enhanced Scalability
  • Support for Puma Technology's Intellisync Software
  • Custom Calendar Form Creator
  • Improved Server Tasking
  • Increased IP Performance
  • Login Disabling
  • Improved Move User Option
  • Decline Single Instance of Recurring Meeting
  • Most Recent Invitees
  • Quick Guest List Searching
  • Contact List Invitees

For Version 4.x (and higher)

  • Win NT Server Support (Native NT Service)
  • Master Schedule
  • 32-bit Client Support
  • Print Layout Design
  • Export to PSION Format
  • Server Logging Tool

For Version 3.5 (and higher)

  • UNIX Server Support
  • Auto-Upgrade Utility
  • Multi-Level Administration
  • Personal Address Lists
  • SMTP Mail Integration
  • Newton Client Synchronization
  • Timex DataLink Watch Export

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