Meeting Maker LDAP Implementation

Save Time and Administrator Labor Costs with LDAP

An emerging industry standard, LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) provides a common way for multiple client applications to utilize a single directory containing listings of thousands of end users. Corporate information (such as user names, e-mail addresses, etc.) can be organized in a central directory and replicated throughout the enterprise. LDAP support enables administrators to better implement and maintain Meeting Maker--- particularly in larger, enterprise-level calendaring and scheduling deployments.

Add/remove application-specific user info with a single operation!

Here's how it works:

AE SLAPD® allows you to connect to the global LDAP directory service for Meeting Maker Versions 5.5 and higher.

SLAPD=Standalone Lightweight Access Protocol Daemon.

APS Engineering, Inc. is a California consulting firm specializing in client-server applications and GUI product development. For more info visit:

LDAP "Master" Directory Server
Using existing University of Michigan LDAP 3.3 or Netscape's SuiteSpot

Dedicated NT box with:

  • Meeting Maker/LDAP Gateway
  • Meeting Maker's Software Developer's Kit

Additional Corporate SLAPD Directory Server

Meeting Maker
Servers & Hub

Consolidate user info for E-mail accounts, Web server access, mail address books, and company phone lists.

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