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Meeting Maker 6 Press Release

Meeting Maker® is the leading real-time, cross-platform enterprise calendaring & scheduling solution, designed to meet the diverse and complex scheduling requirements of organizations from small workgroups to the largest enterprises. Meeting Maker is a market-driven business tool that increases productivity while reducing cost, and provides instantaneous real-time access to free and busy time information. Meeting Maker is a highly scalable IP-based system supporting tens of thousands of concurrent users on a range of computing platforms. Meeting Maker offers a Java client and Palm synchronization for mobile users.

Scalable Architecture
Meeting Maker's three-tier client/server architecture provides reliable scheduling to organizations from small local workgroups to large international enterprises. Rapid system deployment and automated upgrades get your Meeting Maker installation running smoothly with minimal effort. A single environment can support over 25,000 connected users.

Cross-Platform Flexibility
Meeting Maker 6 runs on any combination of Solaris, Windows NT, Macintosh and Windows 95/98 servers with Java, Macintosh, Windows NT, Solaris, Windows 95/98 or HPUX clients. The Java client is available for users of any platform that runs a standard browser with Java support.

Real-Time Scheduling
Meeting Maker's distributed database architecture delivers instant access to free/busy time information for users and resources. Scheduling information is automatically current, without need for users to publish updates and without the lag that can occur with email-based systems.

PDA Remote Access and Synchronization
Meeting Maker 6 includes direct synchronization to devices that run the Palm Computing platform for Macintosh and Windows. Additionally, you can export your Meeting Maker information for importing into other devices such as PSION, Sharp Wizard, and the Timex Datalink Watch.

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