Meeting Maker Feature Details

Java Client
Meeting Maker 6 is Internet-enabled! The Java client runs in a standard browser to offer interactive Web-based scheduling. Users can access their schedules and invite others to meetings from any other machine, with no need for client files on the workstation. URL links in the agenda field can point meeting guests to related materials and information on the Internet or your Intranet.

  • Runs in a standard web browser with browser with Java support enabling you to schedule from anywhere!
  • Supports URL links in the Agenda and Notes fields to point guests to information related to the meeting.
  • No client files need to be installed or upgraded on the workstation.
  • Signed applet for better performance
  • The Java client has notifications to remind you of upcoming events

Palm Synchronization
Meeting Maker 6 includes a seemless direct sync conduit for any Palm OS device, without requiring third party software. Synchronize your datebook/calender, contacts/addresses, and to-do items smoothly. Available for both Macintosh and Windows Meeting Maker clients.

Palm Synchronization Press Release

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